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Gro iQ adds M.I.T. and Agriculture Veteran To Its Roster of Gro-Doctors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Boston, MA. May 26, 2020

Gro iQ, the Yield Optimization Platform for Cultivators, is pleased to announce the recent hire of John Vivilecchia as VP Program Management & Sr. Consulting Engineer. Mr. Vivilecchia will assist in developing Gro iQ’s strategic, tactical and operational initiatives.

John has 30 years’ experience in multi-disciplinary systems engineering, product development, and applied R&D. As a Member of the Technical Staff at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, John held senior-level positions performing systems design, engineering, and project management in a number of fields including sensing, communications, and surveillance networks; commercial building control and automation; airflow modeling; biological detection and mitigation; and laser and optical systems. John holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics.

"I was attracted by the company’s platform designed specifically for the Controlled Agriculture industry to provide real-time grow room analytics,” Vivilecchia said. “Actionable data gives producers the power to maximize efficiency, lower costs, and increase yields and profits. In today’s hyper-competitive environment, data is king. More data drives more predictability and enables faster, more cost-effective interventions when problems are found.”

“We are thrilled to have someone of John’s caliber join the expanding Gro iQ Team”. Peter Dougherty, Gro iQ Founder and CEO said, “He is a true superstar and brings years of experience in having applied his expertise in designing and operating commercial agricultural systems, developing novel, true-vertical cultivation systems, and consulting with commercial cultivators, processors, and manufacturers. Incorporating that knowledge will help us to continue enhancing Gro iQ capabilities so that producers can effectively use data to enable lower operational costs and a more sustainable use of existing resources.”

Most recently, John applied systems engineering and cultivation experience to the development of an environmentally controlled, true-vertical indoor cultivation system and successfully operated the facility in Nevada where his expertise increased yield by more than 100%.


Gro iQ is an industry leading data-driven crop yield optimization and cost reduction platform for Cannabis Licensed Producers. Its AI driven precision agriculture platform provides advanced actionable data to help indoor and greenhouse LPs maximize yield; scale production by standardizing and optimizing new and existing cultivation systems using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

More information is available at


Peter Dougherty 617.580.2707

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