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Total Grow Control and Gro iQ are Joining Forces

JP Monnin, VP of Relationships, Orion

Total Grow Control and Gro iQ Join Forces at Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit to Showcase Complete Autonomous Monitoring and Controls Solution for Cultivators

Houston, TX, June 15, 2022 --( Total Grow Control, The Autonomous Horticulture Company and Gro iQ, a SaaS Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Platform will co-exhibit at Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit in New York June 23-24, 2022, Booth #25, to showcase their integrated autonomous monitoring and control solution for precision farming. Precision farming, also known as site-specific crop management or satellite farming, is a farming management concept that uses information technology to ensure optimum health and productivity of crops. Precision farming technique largely depends on specialized equipment such as sensing devices, as provided by Gro iQ, and automation and control systems, as provided by Total Grow Control. The combination of the two technologies provides a complete autonomous solution for growers of all sizes. According to Research and Markets, the global precision farming market size is anticipated to reach USD 20.84 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 12.8% over the forecast period. Total Grow Control (TGC), specializes in facility design, nutrient delivery systems, water filtration solutions, and a complete integrated control platform operated from a cloud-based user interface. TGC offers “Plug-and Play” automation and control for grows of all sizes in the United States and Canada. EDEN Control Systems, powered by TGC, provides easy-to-use functionality with no programming required, allowing for remote monitoring, and controlling of nutrient and water delivery, lighting, pH adjustment, water temperature, CO2, and RH using a smartphone, tablet or PC, anytime and anywhere Internet access is available. The EDEN system also captures environmental data and features robust data logging of critical parameters. The EDEN level of user-defined control reduces labor costs and human error so growers can focus on what is important – higher yields, higher quality, detailed data acquisition, and increased efficiency. Gro iQ is an integrated system of high-density sensor arrays with monitoring and analysis software that provides precise environmental data that leads growers to critical cultivation insights. With Gro iQ, the grower has an real-time enhanced understanding of all grow-activity and environmental variability, so that growing systems can be fine-tuned to improve uniformity, optimize and repeat outcomes, and subsequently standardize and automate cultivation growing practices. Unlike single sensor solutions that provide a single point of measurement of the environment, and can miss critical data, Gro iQ provides a high-density array of sensors located vertically and horizontally throughout the plant environment to provide rich details of environmental information and ecosystem status. This, in turn, leads to repeatable environmental uniformity results, replicable crop quality and improved crop yields and profits. “Total Grow Control and Gro iQ are aligned in our mission to provide the best products and services. Together with Gro iQ, we are able to provide clients with “Plug-and Play” reliable autonomous cultivation solutions for small, medium, and large grows, for increased yields, higher crop quality and improved bottom lines,” said TGC CEO Derek Oxford. David Dougherty, Gro iQ CEO, added “Gro iQ and Total Grow Control have strategically aligned to meet the needs of autonomous availability for all grow sizes. Gro iQ is honored and excited to join forces with TGC and we look forward to the further development of joint solutions designed for the modern grower.” About TGC Total Grow Control is an automation and environmental controls company that offers a full suite of products for the CEA space, including highly reliable Nutrient and Water Delivery/Treatment Systems with industrial grade PLC controllers. TGC’s offerings include a comprehensive, easy to use, customer interface with full remote control and monitoring capabilities as well as unparalleled customer support. About Gro iQ Gro iQ is an industry leading data-driven CEA crop yield monitoring, optimization, and cost reduction SaaS platform for Cultivators. Its AI driven precision agriculture platform provides advanced actionable data to help indoor and greenhouse growers maximize yield; as well as scale production by standardizing and optimizing new and existing cultivation systems. Exhibiting at Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit, NYC 6/23/22 & 6/24/22 @ Booth #25.

Contact Information: Total Grow Control: 720.650.2246 Gro iQ: 781.797.0066

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