Know Your Facility

Know Your Gro

Model and Standardize Cannabis

Cultivation Facilities to Increase Yields


Actionable Digital Data to Model Cultivation Facility Production Capacity and Biomass Throughput into Key Performance Target Metrics

Systems Level Scientific Modeling of Cultivation Facility for Design-Build and/or Operating Phase. Helps Avoid Spending Millions on Underperforming Systems and Losing Millions in Lost Biomass

Model Cannabis Cultivation Production Systems


Capacity IQ provides invaluable insight into projected or actual production capabilities of cultivation operations by modeling all the variables that encompass a cultivation environment and providing Key Performance Targets.

Models are used to build examples of possible cultivation results by substituting a range of values for environmental systems such as HVAC, Airflow and Lighting plants variables .  Capacity iQ then calculates results over and over, resulting in an optimal model to provide  Key Performance Target system set points in order to  dramatically improve the probability of ideal cultivation outcomes and best possible use of cultivation budgets and existing assets.

Project Outcomes with Key Performance Targets


Capacity iQ provides Key Performance Targets such as plant count/ft2, grams/ft2, grams/kWh and cost/gram to project environmental system capacity, biomass throughput, energy costs and economic targets to ensure maximum efficiency of your planned or existing systems.


Monitor Grow Environments to  Increase Cannabis Crop Yields

Using Key Performance Indicators

Artificial Intelligence Driven Precision Agriculture Platform that Provides Advanced Cannabis Crop Analysis to Help Indoor and Greenhouse Licensed Producers Maximize Yield, Scale Production and Reduce Costs

Visualize Room Health 


Gro iQ takes real time visualization measurements and provides alerts of your grow environment, ecosystem, external environment,  and physical infrastructure to track grow room health - without a physical presence. All data is always secure and remains customer owned. 

Understand Issues & Trends


Gro iQ  ingests your data and correlates it to specific plant attributes in order to understand current vs. ideal growing conditions. Gro iQ provides a comprehensive view of grow room health with data such as VPD, canopy temp, RH%, CO2, air flow above, and below the canopy to provide a dashboard-based 3D grow room view and identify potential issues.  

Optimize Yield


Gro iQ delivers detailed digital data to users via dashboards, who can then modify specific grow parameters to optimize yield and reduce their operating costs. Dashboards include room health, diagnostics, heatmaps and summary baseline reports for each stage in the grow cycle. ROI is generally 1 grow cycle. Gro iQ not only digitizes and centralizes grow information but has shown to provide immediate 5-20% yield increase results by revealing problem areas – in some cases doubling the per square foot yield.

Standardize Operations with KPIs

Gro iQ provides a role-appropriate dashboard so that Operations and C-Suite can see Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as grams/ft2, cost/gram and grams/kWh in each room, at each facility or company-wide.

About Us


The iQ Solutions team is comprised of industry veterans with deep expertise in producing indoor and greenhouse crops at scale as well as unparalleled knowledge of grow facility systems, cloud infrastructure, software, energy and efficiency, data analytics, environmental conditions, building controls, automation, airflow, and lighting.


Meet The Team

Peter Dougherty,


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VP Engineering

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VP Strategy

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VP Program Mgmt

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JP Monnin,

VP Relationships

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VP Business Development

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Sr. Consulting Engineer

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Jeffrey Bornstein

Strategic Advisor

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Strategic Advisor

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Boston, MA - USA

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