Know Your Facility

Know Your Gro

Model and Standardize Cannabis

Cultivation Facilities to Scale and Increase Yields


Capacity IQ helps Cannabis producers understand how much their existing facilities can actually produce by analyzing their environmental equipment capacity - along with how they grow - into realistic production targets.

Model Your Facility Production Capacity


Capacity iQ is a platform that takes the guesswork out of understanding how much a grow facility can actually produce.  During the design build phase, Capacity iQ models: 

  • Plant count 

  • HVAC systems

  • Lighting

  • CO2 

  • Cultivation methodologies 

By “modeling” a proposed design before construction begins, Capacity iQ generates 

science based Key Performance Targets:


  • Plants per square foot

  • Grams per square foot

  • Grams per kilowatt hour

  • Cost per gram

Cannabis Cultivation facilities are expensive to build.  Losing a crop lost due to poor facility design is more expensive . . . and unacceptable.  Capacity iQ helps cultivators and owners eliminate design/build risk and maximize their return on investment.  


Understand Your Grow Room Health. 

Diagnose issues and scale yields using your grow room data. 

Visualize Room Health 


Gro iQ provides a dense array of environmental sensors combined with powerful analytics, providing usable information to help cannabis producers maximize yield and reduce costs.

Understand Issues & Trends


Gro IQ allows producers to “See” their grow rooms in 3D, at top middle and bottom of the canopy ecosystems . . . in detail.  Gro iQ helps producers liminate guesswork to quickly identify problem areas such as  micro-climates, feeding and water issues.

Gro iQ “Operations Dashboards” provide comprehensive, 3D views of grow room and plant health:  


  • VPD

  • Leaf Surface Temperature

  • Ambient Temperature

  • Relative Humidity

  • CO2

  • EC

  • % Moisture

  • Time in target range(s)


Gro iQ also correlates environment data to specific cultivars to show “Current vs. Ideal” growing conditions. 

Optimize Yield


Gro iQ provides role appropriate dashboards for executives so they can quickly assess the performance of their cultivation operations using Key Performance Indicators such

as . . .

  • Grams/ft2 

  • Cost/gram 

  • Grams/kWh 


 . . . in each room, at each facility.  Company-wide.  With Gro iQ, producers can easily harvest their own cultivation data to increase yields up to 20%!

About Us


The iQ Solutions team is comprised of industry veterans with deep expertise in producing indoor and greenhouse crops at scale as well as unparalleled knowledge of grow facility systems, cloud infrastructure, software, energy and efficiency, data analytics, environmental conditions, building controls, automation, airflow, and lighting.


Meet The Team

Peter Dougherty,


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Sailor, Road Biker, Dad

Jason Raymond,

VP Engineering

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Hugh Gaasch,

VP Strategy

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John Vivilecchia,

VP Program Mgmt

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JP Monnin,

VP Relationships

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Dana Hillman,

VP Business Development

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Rodrigo Pereyra,

Sr. Consulting Engineer

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Jeffrey Bornstein

Strategic Advisor

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Strategic Advisor

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Boston, MA - USA

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