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Fine Tune Your Cannabis Grow With Artificial Intelligence

Increase crop yield and revenue by using

data-driven business intelligence and predictive analytics, utilizing your own digitized cultivation data.


Why it Matters


Optimize and Win . . .

Gro iQ AI for Precision Agriculture

  • Artificial intelligence driven predictive analytics platform helps MSOs and LPs increase cultivation command and control measured in increased grams per square foot and reduced cost per gram results.

Precision How?

  • Gro iQ provides a comprehensive view of grow room health with VPD, canopy temp, RH%, CO2, air flow above, and below the canopy to provide a dashboard-based 3D grow room view and identify potential issues.  This not only digitizes and centralizes grow information but has shown to provide immediate 5-20% yield increase results by revealing problem areas – in some cases doubling the per square foot yield.

Report and Manage with KPIs

  • Gro iQ also provides an additional dashboard so that Operations and C-Suite can see what is happening at each facility in terms of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like grams/FT2, cost/gram and grams/kWh



Gro iQ uses a LoRaWAN®  IoT sensor network to take real time measurements of your grow environment, ecosystem, external environment,  and physical infrastructure.

Gro iQ  ingests your data and correlates it to specific plant attributes in order to understand current vs ideal growing conditions.


Gro iQ delivers detailed recommendations to LPs, who can then modify specific grow parameters to optimize yield and reduce their operating costs.




We've assembled a ​world-class team of technology and cannabis industry veterans with successful start-up experience!


Dodge Bingham

Dr. Jordan Tishler


Harvard Medical School

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Tony Vannice


Operations Management Consulting, Inc. (OMC)

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Paul Daley

Paul Daley

Bio Chemist

B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

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Matthew Hoffman

Principal Scientist,

Fast Fish Consulting

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Dave Epstein


& Hortiulturalist

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Jeff Bornstein

Managing Partner

Generation Capital Partners

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Jeffery Friedland


FC Global S

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Rebecca Gasca


Pistil + Stigma

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Wayne Duso 

General Manager, 

Amazon Web Services

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Ed Mullen


Beacon Equity Partners

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Elizabeth Dougherty

Ph.D. Executive Director

Wholly H2O

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Brett Greene 

Research Administator,

Center for Drug Discovery

Northeastern University

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