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The Future of Controlled Environment Agriculture


Optimize Your Grow

Gro iQ is a data-driven, crop yield optimization and cost reduction platform for cultivation. Our intelligent precision agriculture platform provides advanced data and actionable insights to help indoor and greenhouse growers maximize yield; scale production by standardizing and optimizing new and existing cultivation systems using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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Gro iQ

Our Mission & Vision

We are on a mission to deliver the best-in-class, scalable, autonomous Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology that optimizes cultivation grow rooms at the plant level driving business success and customer satisfaction. Through an array of high density sensors, producing ~500,000 unique data points per 1000 sqft per day, Gro iQ envisions a world of sustainable agriculture producing higher yields, enhanced quality, with less energy and water consumption at a level not achievable through human intervention.

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Don't Settle for Less...

  • Revolutionary advanced automation utilizing Total Grow Control & Gro iQ's integrated solution for controlling all aspects of the room at the micro-climate level

  • The most comprehensive data sets available in the industry

  • Smart AI driven operating system continuously learning to determine the optimal environment per crop/strain

  • Replicate high quality grows through historical data and improving environmental recipes grow after grow

  • High density environmental sensors installed at multiple layers to provide unmatched microclimate information

  • Exclusive plant level data and enhanced analytics

  • Intuitive software for managing historical reports, real-time data analytics and customizable alerts

Take the Next Step in CEA

Contact our team of experts to get a quote and start improving your yields today

We’ll work with you to steer the future of your crops for the healthiest plants possible

Unlock your full potential and make perfection the standard for every grow

Reduce your environmental impact and COGS

Crop Steering for Precision Agriculture

Crop steering is one of the most important tactics you can use to manipulate and improve your yields. This management practice “steers” plant growth by making precision micro-adjustments to your cultivation environment throughout the grow cycle.

Gro iQ’s climate controls helps you steer your environment to the perfect conditions for your plants to thrive. Our advanced AI-driven technology analyzes the input from data-rich sensor fields to ensure ongoing optimization. Our technology will empower you to increase the success of your yields with every grow.

Crop Steering

Founding Member of the Sustainable Cannabis Coalition


The Sustainable Cannabis Coalition is made of experts from companies representing each major link in the cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and distribution supply chain. Each company is providing data driven blogs and podcasts employing sustainability use cases to help inform the cannabis market. Gro iQ and the SCC are working with Darmouth's Thayer School of engineering on a groundbreaking energy efficiency study in cannabis cultivation.


Use Cases

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Time in Target Icon_edited.png


Before Gro iQ

  • Cultivation team suspected they had micro-climate issues, but no data to assess


With Gro iQ

  • Visualize Microclimates by Location, Duration  & Height

  • Low-cost airflow modifications to remediate & track

  • Compare multiple rooms to discover unique microclimates in each room


Yield improvement ~15%

Time In Target

Room Average

  • Ecosystem average Temp, RH, VPD are close to target

  • Multi-tier data shows 21% spread between min and max of different parameters

Time in Target

  • Multi-tier Time in Target analytics show parameters in target <10% of time during lights on

  • Reduce ranges thru HVAC timing controls


Yield improvement ~10%

DLI / Lighting

DLI Icon_edited.png

Before Gro iQ

  • New cultivation team took over operations with existing infrastructure (lights, HVAC, Dehu etc.)

  • Team thought they were hitting PPFD & DLI targets


With Gro iQ

  • Current lights ~20% below PPFD and DLI targets. Leverage light measurement + data to inform:

    • Quantification of PPFD and DLI Gap
    • Gap in yield vs. target

    • Gap in revenue vs. target

    • Opportunity for supplemental or retrofit

  • Each single % point under target PPFD/DLI represents ~1% percent yield loss


Yield improvement ~20%

Customizable Alerts

Critical Alert Graphic (1).png

Before Gro iQ

  • The cultivators were solely reliant on their control system to operate without flaws and had no way to monitor its accuracy or accountability with critical alerts.


With Gro iQ

  • With the use of customizable alerts the customer would be notified by email or text was out of their customized range allowing for intervention and correction. 

  • After a short power outage, the control system automatically rebooted it's LED lights in the middle of the night causing all lights in the room to turn on full power.

    • Gro iQ's alerting system made the cultivators aware the lights were on during their set sleep cycle and gave them the ability to remedy the situation, helping to save the entire harvest.


Crop Loss 0%

Use Cases

Client Testimonials

"Gro iQ provided a number of benefits and insights within the first flowering crop cycle. The most significant early wins were a more accurate measurement of DLI (Daily Light Integral), confirmation of the air flow mixing within and below the canopy by having a tiered array of thermo/hygrometers, and consistent data on soil EC that’s digitally charted instead of relying on handheld instruments. 


The best part of having Gro iQ in Rev Clinics’s Fitchburg facility is working with their excellent team of technical support and designers, providing feedback on improvements and the User Interface being updated shortly thereafter. The UI is well designed and adaptable to the grower’s specifications."

- Revolutionary Clinics

"From a greenhouse perspective, we are using Gro iQ Analytics to help steer the machine," Stanton says." If we're trying to cut electricity costs for production, what time of year can we shut down half of our supplemental lighting, and how will that affect plant growth? With Gro iQ we can run this type of evaluation on every aspect of the cultivation operation."


Our Partners

Valiant Horizontal final with tagline (2



Valiant is a leader in consulting and general contracting of a wide range of industrial facilities.  Our specialized services offer a full spectrum of beginning-to-end solutions including engineering and architecture, project management, financial consulting, and general contracting.
Our more recent success follows a decade-long specialization in commercial consulting and development of cannabis cultivation facilities and dispensaries. We take pride in the rigorous standards of our Safety Policy which requires all employees to complete a comprehensive safety course, reflecting unsurpassed excellence in all of our projects.


Meet the Team

We're a senior team of industrial horticulturalists and data nerds with a passion for helping cultivators harness the power of their data to deliver improved profits with reduced resources. Our team has unparalleled experience in employing data from grow facility systems and ecosystems to provide standardized cultivation and cost controls to achieve the best grow every time.


Peter Dougherty,
Founder - In Memoriam

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Sailor, Road Biker, Dad


Eva Rozas,

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Mother, Badass Business Woman


Jason Raymond,
VP Engineering

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Snowboarder, Fly Fisherman, Dog Lover

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Hugh Gaasch,
VP Strategy

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Farmer, Climber, Skier

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Jake Dougherty,
VP Product Mgmt

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First Mate, Data Nerd, Motorcyclist

John V pic_edited.png

John Vivilecchia,
Chief of Business Dev.

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Foodie, Tech Freak, Positively Algorithmic

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JP Monnin,
VP Relationships

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Golfer, Francophile, Snowbird


Jeffrey Bornstein,
Strategic Advisor

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Shawn Cooney,
Strategic Advisor

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Derek Oxford Headshot_edited.png

Derek Oxford,
Strategic Advisor

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Wayne Duso,
Strategic Advisor

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Brett Greene,
Strategic Advisor

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Niall McManus,
Strategic Advisor

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Matthew Hoffman,
Strategic Advisor

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Our Team
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