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We're at it again (leading the market). . . building something special!

We're Orion, a group of technology startup vets that have built "Gro-IQ", a state of the art predictive analytics and recommendation engine for the Cannabis industry.  We're solving a problem that every producer cares about - maximizing yields and reducing expenses - by documenting key variables and providing specific recommendations to optimize every facet of the growing process. 


We're a seed stage company focused on completing our cloud services platform and delivering tangible value for our Proof of Concept clients. 

Why do cannabis growers need help?

The price of wholesale cannabis flower is down 38% in 2 years and projects to continue to degrade. 

The cost of producing flower is relatively fixed; there have been slight improvements due to increased economies scale, however, not enough to protect margins.

Economic Value to Cultivators . . .

Orion is showing the leaders in the cannabis cultivator market how to increase crop yield and reduce manufacturing costs using data analytics employing proven methods associated with machine learning and artificial intelligence to create strategic business outcomes. For a typical customer (multi-state and large single state producers) the potential increase in revenue by using our service “Gro-IQ” is up to $3.5M/yr and the reduction in manufacturer cost is up to $700k/yr

How we do it . . .

Sensors. We install sensors in the grow rooms that allow us to measure the variables associated growing cannabis such as light, nutrients, temp, HVAC etc. as well as tracking the genetics the cultivator is growing.

AnalyticsWe then aggregate the data and compare the data vs. market averages, grow room to grow room and grower to grower. 

Recommendations. We then make recommendations on how to optimize yield and reduce cost based on on each cultivator's grow process.

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